Voice of Brown M&M: Vanessa Williams

Voice of Gecko: Jake Wood

Voice of Camel: Chris Sulivan

Commercial First Aired: February 2, 2014

Commercial Last Aired: January 16, 2015



(Scene: Office)

Ms. Brown: Yes, I understand that being made out of delicious chocolate makes me high risks for insurance companies, but I still believe I deserve coverage. And further more, I have been her for fifteen minutes, which means, "Well, you know."

Gecko: (glares silently for a few seconds) Um, GEICO only insures humans! If insuring a delicious piece of chocolate, I'd lose my job for that. And then what will I do?

(Text: Chocolate's better with M)

Camel: Whoo-Whoo! Guess what day it is!

Ms. Brown: Save it, Hump boy.

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M&Ms '15 Minutes' Framestore

M&Ms '15 Minutes' Framestore


  • This commercial contains not one, but two Geico mascots.
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