Airport is a commercial at 1997 where Red and Yellow discover a Airport. Will they behave?

Commercial First Aired: November 27, 1996

Commercial Last Aired: June 23, 1998


  • (We see a Airport, in bagging station.)
  • Police officer: Traveling with any baggage?
  • Red: Yeah, here he comes now.
  • (Red walks all over Yellow, making Yellow be hurt. We then have Red and Yellow where light flashes over them.)
  • Yellow: Ahhhhh!
  • Red: Oh great.
  • Yellow: Ahhhhh!
  • (Another Police officer then sees Red and Yellow in a x-ray)
  • Red: Hey, what are YOU looking at?
  • Yellow: He's looking at my peanut. (Or "Hey, No Peanut Jokes!")
  • (It then slides Red and Yellow, when Yellow flips and gets out of the machine.)
  • Red: I feel so violated.
  • (We later see them in Scanning. The TSA appears, scanning Red and Yellow.)
  • Red: What is so suspicious, about candy coated chocolates that walk and talk like this you gotta check out everybody, though.
  • (It then sees a Flight Attendant ready.)
  • Yellow: Wow.
  • Red: (breaks fourth wall) Great casting job. Excuse me, gorgeous, is this a snack flight?
  • (The doors are locked, in bound to flight soon.)
  • Flight Attendant: It is now.
  • Red and Yellow: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  • (We then see the plane flying, with it's bags M&M's Plain and Peanut bags with the slogan: The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not at your hand. Along with the website


M&M's Airport

M&M's Airport

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