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Almond M&M's were first produced on July 10, 1988. They were originally only available during Christmas and Easter, but soon enough, they were available all year long. They are similar to Peanut M&M's, but with Almonds. Blue is the for Almond M&M's. After The 2011-2012 Re-Design, Almond M&M's were only available in larger bags. In Summer 2012, Almond M&M's were available in "Sharing Size" Packs, and still are available today. It is unknown why the single packs were discontinued, but many people think it is because they were not popular enough.

General Information

Spokescandy: Blue

Colors in the bag: Brown, Blue, Orange, Red, Green, and Yellow

Nut allergy concerns?: there are Almonds in these, which are types of nuts

Bag color: Tan

Gallery of Wrappers

Here are some different designs for the wrapper of Almond M&M's. (click on the pictures to view them full size)

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