The M&M's lost their colors to Dick Clark on New Years Day in 2004, so they parodied the Wizard of OZ quite subtly by replacing some of Dorothy Gale's family.

Commercial first aired: January 4th, 2004

Commercial last aired: June 2004

Transcript Edit

  • Dorothy Gale: [Mutters]
  • Ms. Green: It's OK, darling.
  • Yellow: Well, She seems alright, now.
  • Red: We can't have thought she was gonna leave us.
  • Dorothy Gale: But I DID leave, and I tried to get back for days.
  • Ms. Green: You just had a bad dream.
  • Blue: Sure. Remember me?
  • Dorothy Gale: Oh, but... it wasn't a dream. Um, you were blue, and you were red, and you were yellow. You were all in color, and all so beautiful... It was a lot better.
  • Voice: Help the M&M's find their colors.

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M&M's - And You Were There (2004, USA)

M&M's - And You Were There (2004, USA)

Notes Edit

  • The commercial was parodied on MadTV
  • Judy Garland reprises her role in the parodied ending of the movie long before her death.
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