Blue is the commercial that thinks that's the new blue M&M's.

Commercial First Aired: October 8, 1995

Commercial Last Aired: May 20, 1997


  • (Steven Weber walks up to the blue M&M's.)
  • Steven: Hey, you must be the new blue M&M's.
  • (Red, and Yellow mumbles through his mouth, because they're blue. Red points at Yellow being blue, and Red gave Steven thumbs up.)
  • Steven: How's it feel of being the new guys?
  • Blue: (talking to Red and Yellow) Dude, Tell him.
  • (Yellow felt dizzy, he breaths, and he turns yellow. Red tries to hold his breath very hard, but he breaths, and turns red.)
  • Blue: Get back in the bag.
  • (Red and Yellow walks away.)
  • Red: Well, that wasn't a brilliant idea.
  • Yellow: I'm dizzy.
  • (Yellow spins, and he lays down very dizzy. Blue and Steven Weber walks together, and it show the Milk Chocolate M&M's and Peanut M&M's at the screen.)
  • Voice: The new blue M&M's, except no imitations.


M&M's - Blue 1995, USA

M&M's - Blue 1995, USA