M&M'S Wiki

M&M's candy fans are mini electronic fans featuring the M&Ms characters with a fun size bag of M&Ms inside. They are usually available all year long in the basic line (more info on that below), but there are also many different holiday versions. they are made by the candyrific company. there are currently 6 different lines of fans to collect.

The Basic Line

Basic fans with no general theme. Originally, only Red, Blue, and Ms. Green were available, but more characters have been added to this line over time. The basic line includes....

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Ms. Green
  • Yellow (re-release)
  • Orange (re-release)
  • Ms. Brown

Trivia: Yellow and Orange were originally released in the "vote for your favorite character" line. The ones that were released in that line are more rare, as they are not available anymore.

The Halloween Line

These are halloween themed fans, and are only available during the fall, making them more collectable. The halloween line includes.......

  • Red (in Dracula Costume)
  • Blue (in Wizard Costume)
  • Ms. Green (in Witch Costume)

Trivia: It is unknown if Yellow, Orange, and Ms. Brown will ever be available in this line.

The Christmas/Holiday Line

These are christmas themed fans, and are only available during the winter, making them more collectable. The Christmas/Holiday line includes.....

  • Red (in Elf costume)
  • Blue (in Santa outfit)
  • Ms. Green (in Santa (or Possibly Ms. Claus) Outfit)

The Valentines Line

These are valentines day themed fans, and are only available during late January, February, and early march, making them more collectable. The Valentines Line includes...

  • Red (with valentine and "be mine" on his fan)
  • Blue (with pink heart glasses and "I Love You" on his fan)
  • Ms. Green (with valentine and "U melt my heart" on her fan)

The Easter/Spring Line

These are easter/spring themed fans, and are only available during the spring, making them more collectable. The easter/Spring Line includes....

  • Red (with bunny ears)
  • Blue (with bunny ears)
  • Ms. Green (with bunny ears and easter basket)

The Vote For Your Favorite Character Line

This was pretty much a re release of the basic line (to promote the vote for your favorite character contest), but the line did include two new fans, Yellow and Orange (who were long over due). These are no longer available, making them the most rare and collectable line of M&Ms candy fans. The line includes.....

  • Red (basic)
  • Blue (basic)
  • Ms. Green (basic)
  • Yellow
  • Orange

Special Edition Nascar Fan

Candyriffic produced special edition M&Ms nascar fans, due to M&Ms partnership with Nascar. these are the most collectable, since they are both an M&Ms and Nascar collectable. Only one style was available, and it was Red in a nascar outfit, and he was a brand new sculpt! as of 2012, these are becoming hard to find.

Ms. Brown Fan

Candyriffic also produced a Ms. Brown fan soon after she was introduced. She did not debut in a new line, and was just mixed in to the basic line assortment.

Breast Cancer Awareness Ms. Green Fan

candyriffic produced a Special edition Breast cancer awareness Ms. Green fan. She is the rarest out of all the fans because it was such a good seller, and a great way to spread awareness of breast cancer.

M&Ms Star Wars fans

Candy riffic also produced star wars M&M fans. They include new sculpts of Red, Yellow, and Ms. Green dressed as different star wars characters.

Trivia: This was the first time a variant fan of Yellow was produced. the fan is Yellow dressed as Darth vader.

Star Wars Series 2 Fans

The original M&M star wars fans were so succsesful that a new line with 3 new fans was produced! They include a re release of Yellow, a new Red, and Blue and Orange, all dresses as star wars characters.

Trivia: This was the first time an orange variant was made

M&Ms Transformers Fans

Yet again, M&Ms made another cross over to produce new candy fans. these are fans of only Red and Yellow, dressed as optimus prime (Red) and Bumble bee (Yellow)

Trivia: this line had another Yellow variant, the first one was in the star wars line.