CandyRific M&M's Character Keychains are Keychains of the M&M's characters that are also mini flashlights. each keychain includes 1 fun size pack of M&M's. There are Currently 4 different Keychains to collect. they are...

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Ms. Green

These are brand new for 2012, so only basic keychains are available. it is possible that CandyRific will make holiday versions of them, just like they did with their dispensers and candy fans.

Star Wars Line

Star Wars Keychains were recently released. there are 3 to collect, Red, Yellow, and Orange dressed as star wars characters.


  • Originally, only Red and Ms. Green were available
  • The Yellow Key Chain may actually be a blue keychain that was mistakenly colored yellow. this is because the sculpt of the keychain and the pose looks just like Blue, and not Yellow. Also this is very likely, it is just a theory


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