CandyRiffic M&M's Dispensers are Dispensers made for M&M's by CandyRififc. They are available in two sizes, 9 inch (small) and 12 inch (large). Just like their lines of Candy Fans, the dispensers have different lines of styles including basic, holiday, and sports. Large dispensers include 4 bags of fun size M&Ms while small dispensers include 1 bag of fun size M&Ms. There a currently 8 different lines of dispensers to collect.

The Basic Line (12 inch)Edit

Large, Basic dispensers of the M&M characters with no general theme. there are currently 6 different dispensers in the line to collect. Just like the fans, only Red, Blue, and Ms. green were available originally, but more characters were added later. The basic line includes...

  • Red
  • Blue (in his sunglasses playing his saxophone)
  • Ms. Green (Holding up a pair of yellow sunglasses)
  • Yellow (holding a rose)
  • Orange
  • Ms. Brown (Reading a book)

Sports Line (9 inch)Edit

Small, Sports themed dispensers. There are currently 8 different dispensers to collect. The sports line includes...

  • Red (Baseball themed)
  • Yellow (Soccer themed)
  • Blue (Skateboard themed)
  • Ms. Green (Tennis themed)
  • Red (Basketball themed)
  • Yellow (Golf themed)
  • Blue (Soccer themed)
  • Orange (Baseball themed)

More Coming Soon!

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