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CandyRiffic M&M's Dispensers are Dispensers made for M&M's by CandyRififc. They are available in two sizes, 9inch (small) and 12 inch (large). Just like their lines of Candy Fans, the dispensers have different lines of styles including basic, holiday, and sports. Large dispensers include 4 bags of fun size M&Ms while small dispensers include 1 bag of fun size M&Ms. There a currently 8 different lines of dispensers to collect.

The Basic Line (12 inch)

Large, Basic dispensers of the M&M characters with no general theme. there are currently 6 different dispensers in the line to collect. Just like the fans, only Red, Blue, and Ms. green were available originally, but more characters were added later. The basic line includes...

  • Red
  • Blue (in his sunglasses playing his saxophone)
  • Ms. Green (Holding up a pair of yellow sunglasses)
  • Yellow (holding a rose)
  • Orange
  • Ms. Brown (Reading a book)

Sports Line (9 inch)

Small, Sports themed dispensers. There are currently 8 different dispensers to collect. The sports line includes...

  • Red (Baseball themed)
  • Yellow (Soccer themed)
  • Blue (Skateboard themed)
  • Ms. Green (Tennis themed)
  • Red (Basketball themed)
  • Yellow (Golf themed)
  • Blue (Soccer themed)
  • Orange (Baseball themed)

More Coming Soon!

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