Choco Robots is a commercial at the 2000s in Europe where Red and Yellow get a test from Choco Robots. Is this a successful test?


  • (We see Red and Yellow in a factory with M&M bag. Choco Robots appear in the flash when they are cracking their hands.)
  • Red: Ughhh. Not another chocolate test.
  • (Red and Yellow open the shells for the test. The next scene features one Choco Robot taking the gloves.)
  • (Red is zoomed in)
  • Red: OOOOO! Can we cut, we cut it?
  • (The Choco Robots are putting the Chocolate in the machine if the test was successful.)
  • Yellow: I'm a little more off to the left cheek.
  • (The Choco Robots give a thumbs up that is was successful. The next scene is in a yellow background with a peanut covered in chocolate. It is then blue with a M added. Then Yellow and Red is seen, making happy poses, when Red makes a peace sign and put it to Yellows face)
  • Red: M&M's. It's all in the M.


M&m's Choco Robots (2000s, Europe)

M&m's Choco Robots (2000s, Europe)


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