🎶If you got your apartment.....who ya gonna call??? CHOCOBUSTERS!!!!!!🎶


(a door is knocked down revealing Red and Yellow carrying Poltergusts with M&M's tubes)
Red: Let's get those minis back in the tube! (sees the minis) NOW!!! (presses a button on Yellow's vacuum)
Yellow: (flies at the minis only for them to get out of the way) AAAAAHHHHH!!
Red: I'm going in! (in the Living room where two boys were waiting for the TV testing to stop...) Boys... Everything is under control. (The TV testing reveals the minis imitating the sound.)
Red: Aha!!! (The minis fly all over the room trying to avoid getting sucked by Red's vacuum) You can do M&M's for that. (still tries to catch the minis buck sucks the boys cloths. A fish got flown out of the fish bowl, but hits Yellow and lands in the cup of water. Everything was a mess. And the minis charge at the boys open mouths.)
Voice: Tons of Chocolate candies searching for a mouth... M&M's minis!
Red: Okay, fellas, open up!

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M&M Minis Chocolate Candy Commercial 1998

M&M Minis Chocolate Candy Commercial 1998

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