🎶If you got your apartment...who ya gonna call??? CHOCOBUSTERS!!!🎶


(a door is knocked down revealing Red and Yellow carrying Poltergusts with M&M's tubes)
Red: Let's get those minis back in the tube! (sees the minis) NOW!!! (presses a button on Yellow's vacuum)
Yellow: [flying towards the minis before they dodge] AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! OOF!
Red: I'm going in! [enters a room where boys are waiting for the TV to show the animation instead of testing] Citizens. Everything is under control. (The TV testing reveals the minis imitating the sound.)
Red: Aha!
[Minis are flying around the room escaping from Red's Poltergust.]
Red: You can Build M&M's for that.
[Minis zooms by Red, who tries to catch them, but makes a mess, and sucks up the boys clothes.]
Fish: [bowl dumps out water and flies out of the bowl] AAAAAAAHHHHH!
Yellow: [Fish lands on Yellow] Ew...
[Fish lands in a cup of water, and the Minis charge into the mouths of the Boys screaming]
Voice: Tons of Chocolate candies searching for a mouth... M&M's minis!
Red: Okay, fellas, open up!

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M&M Minis Chocolate Candy Commercial 1998

M&M Minis Chocolate Candy Commercial 1998


  • Red and Yellow parodied Ghostbusters.
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