Chocolate Bar is a commercial from 1996 starring Tia Carrere, with Phil Hartman as the voice of Chocolate Bar.

Transcript Edit

Red: Thanks. (sees someone) Oh, would ya look who's sliding our way!

Chocolate Bar: Yo! What's up, besides the sun? Hello... Tia. Mama-Mia. Arrrr! The name's chocolate bar... But you can call me Chocola-ta-te.

Tia: Better tell what's his name; be careful.

Red: Candy shell's even better than sunscreen.

Yellow: Oh, I'm sure he'll be just... Huh!

Tia: Eww!

Red: Waiter! Mop!

Voice: M&M's. The mick chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your lounge chair.

Yellow: What are these, Clown shoes?

Video Edit

M&M's - Chocolate Bar (1997, USA)

M&M's - Chocolate Bar (1997, USA)

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