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Crispy M&M
So good, they're back!

Year Released

1999-Present, 2015-Present UK 1999-present CAN 2000-2014, 2015-present

Spokes Candies

Orange (1999-present), Red (2015-present), Red and Yellow (UK)

Crispy M&M's was released on May 8, 1999 with Orange as it's spokescandy. The bag wrapper used to be blue. A new design was released on June 19, 2015 with Red as the current spokescandy for Crispy M&M's. The wrapper is currently light green.

The ethics surrounding the Crispy M&M line have been fraught, ever since it was revealed that Sudam Hussein's favourite kind of M&M were the crispy ones. This meant that the M&M corporation faced great pressure from both activist groups and the US government to discontinue the production of M&Ms as part of the war on terror. The most recent scandal around the crispy M&Ms relates to its use of Baby M&M labour, as whistleblower groups leaked images of Baby M&Ms packing and sealing the bags of their non-sentient brethren.

Objectively speaking, these are the best M&Ms.