Voice of Ms. Brown: Vanessa Williams

Voice of Samantha Colburn: Herself

Voice of Red: Billy West

Voice of Katrina Begin:


Woman: Steer clear of Kristen. She can't control herself around chocolate. She'll devour you!

Ms. Brown: Really.

Woman: I'd be a terrible friend if I didn't warn you. Gotta go.

(We later see Kristen dragging Red)

Red: Uh, Thanks for introducing us.

Ms. Brown: Anything for a friend.

Red: Ooh, strong grip-- Ow!

(Cut to: Background)

(Text: Parties are Better with M&M's)

(Cut to: Inside the Car)

Red: So, ya wanna Grab a bite somewhere?

Kristen: Here is fine. (locks the doors)

Red: Oh, no. Oh, no-- (screams)

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M&M's - Devour (2013, USA)

M&M's - Devour (2013, USA)

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