Faint is a 2-commercial where Red and Yellow find Santa when they both suddenly realize each exist and Red and Santa faint in shock. Secretly, Yellow has to save Christmas for Santa. Unfortunately, he delivers the presents to the wrong people, but the people with the wrong presents deliver them to the right people.

1st Commercial First Aired: December 2, 1996

1st Commercial Last Aired: December 28, 2019

2nd Commercial First Aired: November 28, 2017

2nd Commercial Last Aired: December 28, 2019



  • Red (hand touches candle light too close) Ow!
  • Yellow: (with a bowl of red and green M&M's) So you think Santa will like these red and green M&M's?
  • Red: I don't know. I never met the guy.
  • Santa: WHAH!!
  • Red: AH! He does exist!
  • Santa: They do exist!
  • (Both Red and Santa faint and candle falls out of Red's hand)
  • Yellow: Uh... Santa?


  • (Outside the house)
  • Red: AAHHH!!! He does exist!
  • Santa: They do exist!
  • (Both Red and Santa faint)
  • Yellow: Uh... Santa? (no response, looks at Red) Oh, no. (looks at his reflection of an ornament, gasps, and drops the bowl of M&M's) I have to save Christmas! (takes the sleigh with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph, and away he goes) Whoa!
  • (>North Pole Mission Control)
  • (mission control men working and did not see an alert go off for the sleigh)
  • Yellow: Tommy... James... Lucy... Ben... Judah... (presents land on the ground near houses) Turn right! Turn-- no, the other right!
  • Mission Control Man: (taps screen with Yellow on it) Who's that nut? (presents land everywhere in different houses, making a delivery failure. He grabs the phone for an emergency) Gimme Santa, now!
  • (lights turn on in all houses)
  • Santa: (slowly gets up and gets on the cell phone as Red gets up.) Hello?
  • Mission Control Man: The presents!
  • Santa: Yes?
  • Mission Control Man: They're going to the wrong people!
  • Santa: What?
  • (people receive the wrong presents)
  • Girl: Who's Tommy?
  • (the people get out of their houses and find presents they actually wanted and then find the people who got the wrong presents)
  • Santa: What have you done?!
  • Yellow: Did I ruin Christmas, Red?
  • (fortunately, the people are giving the wrong presents to the right people)
  • Red: Actually, buddy, I think you made it even better.
  • (people start to hug each other and Santa has his arms crossed, smiling)
  • (Text: Bring Everyone Together with M&M's)

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