After staying off domestic shelves for far too long, it was time Crispy M&M's came back and gave the fans what they always wanted. Just not THOSE fans.

Commercial first aired: January 2015

Commercial last aired:


  • Yellow: [to a windy fan] Crispy M&M's are baaaaaaaaaaack.
  • Red: What're you doing?
  • Yellow: You said to tell our fans crispy M&M's are back.
  • Red: Not THOSE fans!
  • Yellow: Did you mean this fan?
  • Red: No.
  • Yellow: What about that one?
  • Red: [sighs]
  • Yellow: There's a fan in the break room. Oh! and in the bathroom... [trials off]
  • Voice: So good, they're back.

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Crispy M&M's - Fans (2015, USA)

Crispy M&M's - Fans (2015, USA)

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