Fear No More or Stunt Double was a commercial with Red and Yellow watching Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom.

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Red: Finally! Something trying to eat people for a change. You do you like them, apple?

Yellow: Dinosaurs eat apples? (...) That red dot looks just like you.

Red: What are you talking about? That's a T-Rex.

Yellow: See? It's definitely you.

Red: It's not me.

Yellow: I know it's not really you...

Red: Thank you.

Yellow: It's your stunt double.

Vo: Presented by M&M's and catch Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom. In theaters June 22nd.

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Syfy M&Ms Jurassic World 30

Syfy M&Ms Jurassic World 30

M&M's Syfy - Fear No More (2018, USA)

M&M's Syfy - Fear No More (2018, USA)

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