Please remember to open your Valentine's chocolates, no matter what your excuse is - they might have feelings, too.


  • Husband: Honey, where do we keep the...? Oh, my... This isn't the chocolate I sent you for Valentines Day, is it?
  • Wife: Oh, look at that.
  • Husband: [rushes to a room] And you never opened it?
  • [The Wife follows the husband]
  • [The Husband opens the Valentines container revealing a Red M&M's inside]
  • Red: [gasping and breathing heavily] Bathroom? [passes out]
  • Husband: This never happened.
  • [Text on a brown M&M: M&M's. Deep down, they're all chocolate.]

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M&M's - Valentine (2002, USA)

M&M's - Valentine (2002, USA)

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