Found Him is a commercial at 1997 where Red and Yellow has found the gray impostor for a million dollars. But they missed a thing....

Commercial First Aired: October 30, 1996

Commercial Last Aired: June 2, 1998


  • (Music starts playing, Yellow appears with M&M bags thrown)
  • Yellow: I FOUND IT! The gray impostor of M&M's! The million bucks is ours!
  • (Red gets excited, Red gets the bag)
  • Red: Yeah! We win and were rich!
  • (We see Yellow go crazy spinning around along with Red but running around. Also there is info contains the Gray imposter info)
  • Red: A million bucks! What's more do we need!?
  • (Yellow stopped and looks and Red. Yellow is confused)
  • Yellow: Uhh.. We need that bag with the game piece to claim that prize.
  • (A magnifying glass appears zoomed to say FIND THE IMPOSTER with a M&M logo and down below, it says Game piece on bag must say Instant Winner.)
  • Red: Okay, we need tape.


1997 M&Ms

1997 M&Ms

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