Grey imposter M&M's
S-l1600 (7).jpg




M&M without an M on his shell


0.6 inches tall

Last Seen:

Sneaking into a Bag of M&M's chocolate bags


Defamation of the M&M's characters. Killing the life of a party. Suspected of boring people to death.

Wanted for:

Attempted Fraud; Dead or alive.


Up to $1,000,000



The Grey imposter M&M's is a fake M&M without an M on the grey shell, who must be defeated by Red and Yellow for a million dollars. Obtaining a winning game piece on winning bag. On the night of september 16th, 2003, a man with similar feature to this sussy imposter was spotted defecating on the corpses of 16 dead children. Before anyone coukld stop him, he ran away and seemingly dissapeared when ducking under a bridge. All victums were found were found with damaged urethras and with anuses that were expanded more than 3x the size of what they would be reguarly. although the features of the man were similar to this susmaster, the crime has not been linked to him, but this is because he was wearing the skin of some of his previus victums and he was also disorienting onlookers by screaming thanos quotes louder than a rifle. Recently in 2021, the grey imposter was raided by the FBI and was arrested for public masturbation, and was convicted of murder, indecency, and crimes against humanity. He is currently on track foer the death sentance and will be executed in 16 days time.

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