Survival is a Commercial where the M&M's spokescandies survived a Halloween, except Yellow.

Commercial first Aired: September 19, 2018

Commercial last aired: November 4th, 2019

15 sec Transcript

  • Red: Well, we made it through another Halloween without getting eaten. And this year was a close one.
  • Ghosted Yellow: Yeah, tell me about it.
  • Red: Ooh, you feel that chill?
  • Ghosted Yellow: I don't feel anything. (starts floating) This can't be good.

06 sec Transcript

  • Red: Survived another Halloween.
  • Ghosted Yellow: Yeah, great day. (starts floating) Oh, except for when I got eaten.

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M&M’S Halloween – Ghosted

M&M’S Halloween – Ghosted

M&M’S Halloween – Eaten

M&M’S Halloween – Eaten

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