"Just My Shell" is an M&Ms commercial that was Made for Ms. Brown's debut. It premiered during the 2012 Super Bowl, and is one of the most popular M&Ms Commercials to date. The Commercial is also apart of the "not your average chocolate" series of commercials.


Ms. Brown: (having a conversation with two ladies at a party) So then i said, Mr. Prime minister, i'm flatterd that you love chocolate, But i'm here Strictly in a professional...(hears a man laughing at her) What's Wrong with him?

Lady: He thinks you're naked.

Ms. Brown: (talking to the man) My Shell is Brown, it just looks like my Milk Chocolate is showing. Only a fool would think I'd actually show up naked.

Red: (Walking in, and he overheard Ms. Brown talking) So it's That Kind of Party! HIT IT!!! (the Song "I'm Sexy and I Know it" starts playing and Red takes his shell off and starts dancing, Ms. Brown and the ladies are Shocked)

The Song Continues Playing, and the screen reads "Not your average chocolate". The screen then cuts to Red Dancing close to Ms. Brown with the song still playing, Much to Ms. Brown's annoyance.


  • This is the first commercial that Ms. Brown Appeared in, and also serves as her debut.
  • The Song "Sexy And I know It" is in this commercial, as the song was popular around the time of the commercial.


M&M's - Just My Shell (2012, USA)

M&M's - Just My Shell (2012, USA)

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