Kiss Somebody was a commercial that promoted Shrek 2. It came out in 2004 and promoted the new Ogre-sized M&M's candies like Milk Chocolate and Peanut M&M's.


  • (Shrek, Donkey, Red, and Yellow are walking together in a forest. Red checks out the Ogre-Sized M&M's with his own eyes.)
  • Yellow: Look at the size of those M&M's.
  • Red: They're Ogre-Sized! Uh, just like him.
  • Yellow: That's a lot of chocolate. Must be under a magic spell.
  • Red: So, what do we do?
  • Shrek: Well, when it comes to breaking spells, usually somebody's got to kiss somebody.
  • (Red seems a little horrified, and Shrek looks at Red and Yellow trying to kiss. Yellow was trying to be ready to kiss Red, and Red seems confused. Yellow tries to kiss Red, but Red stops Yellow'.)
  • Red: That is not gonna happen.
  • (Shrek, Donkey, Red, and Yellow keep walking out of the forest, where they see the sun.)
  • Voice: Ogre-Sized M&M's. Get 'em while their big.
  • Donkey: Oh, look at that big yellow M&M's over there!
  • Red: That's the sun.
  • Donkey: Yeah, I knew that.




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