Love Hurts is a commercial from 1996 first starring Tia Carrere.

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Yellow: There she is.

Red: My shell's cracking!

Yellow: Tia. She's beautiful.

Red: You bit of...

Yellow: Tia... oh... AAAAAAAHHHHH!!

Tia: Whoa! (laughing) Hi!

Yellow: Uh, Hello. Heh..

(Tia circles her finger around Yellow's head.)

Tia: Oh, You're so sweet...

Yellow: Thank you. (chuckles, then sighs)

Red: Gimme a break!

(fades black, a kiss and a crunch is heard, then a bitten Yellow with kiss marks goes to Red)

Red: So, is it love?

(Yellow falls onto Red's hands.)

Yellow: Yeah, and Love hurts.

(Text: The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.)

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M&M's - Balcony Commercial 1996

M&M's - Balcony Commercial 1996

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