The Commercial began with the M&M's Bare All contest where People try to find the "Stark Naked" M&M's candies. Yellow, Red, Ms. Green, and blue, except Orange were out camping, without their shells. Blue wanted Orange along, but Orange didn't like being judged. But they forgot one thing: Orange, who has never taken his shell of before, is missing it.



Orange talks to Ms. GreenEdit

  • ORANGE: OK! OK! OK, who's got my shell?! Come on, this is serious now!
  • MS. GREEN: Baby, baby, calm down! I haven't seen your shell. But listen, What I am seeing is. Looking good! (GIGGLES) You want to share mine?
  • ORANGE: Ugh! I don't want to imagine where that thing's been. That's disturbing.

Orange talks to BlueEdit

  • BLUE: Marty. Marty. Marty, no. That's no good. I don't want that. No, no, no, no. I just want orange juice, maybe a bag- Hold on just a second, Marty. What do you want? You looking for your shell, still? I told you: Yellow was trying it on. It looked like a hippo and a string bikini letting it all hang up. Don't need to see that. Yeah, go ahead, Marty. Where was I? Yeah. Orange juice, Bagel Schmear. That's all I want.

Orange talks to YellowEdit

  • YELLOW: I'm just waiting for Red. He's, on his computer! Which has nothing to do with. You know, your lost shell, Which, I don't; we don't; none of us; nobody knows anything about.
  • ORANGE: Oh, I see! Nut job.

Orange talks to RedEdit

  • RED: Hey, Crispy. So while the whole world is searching for the nude M&M's, you're looking for your shell. That's weird, isn't it? I'm saying you wouldn't happen to know what a shell would be worth like, you know, hypothetically, of course.
  • ORANGE: No! You didn't I'll see you in candy court! You can't sell my modesty!
  • RED: Oh, really? Better start bidding, then.

Bad Passengers Screenshot

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