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This commercial begins the M&M's Color Break-Up contest where people try to reunite the M&M's spokescandies, Red, Yellow, Ms. Green, Blue, and Orange. It begins with a blank dark background and the spokescandies' voices can be heard. Then the lights go on. Yellow's arm is blocking Ms. Green. Then Blue calls Ms. Green candy pants. Yellow laughs at the name. Red says that they are all amateurs. Everyone begins arguing. Ms. Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow leave through doors and Orange goes through his door sliding awkwardly. Yellow accidentally goes back to the same room, then shuts his door again.


  • Ms. Green: Oh! Watch it! OH! Watch where you're touching!
  • Blue: I'm not Touching. Don't flatter yourself, babe.
  • Ms. Green: Oh, please...
  • Orange: Um, Could someone turn the light on in here?
  • Yellow: Ow!
  • Orange: Someone?
  • Yellow: Who stepped on my foot?
  • Red: Oh! I'm Sorry, Yellow. I-I didn't mean to step on your foot, It'll never happen [stomps on Yellow's foot] AGAIN!
  • Yellow: OW!!! Ooh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ow!
  • Ms. Green: Will you guys quit it?!
  • Yellow: Shh! Guys, we're on. [light turns on] Ta-da!
  • Red: Eh?
  • Ms. Green: [shoves Yellow] Quit it!
  • Yellow: Ouch!
  • Ms. Green: [pushes Yellow] Quit blocking me, you big peanut!
  • Yellow: Ow!
  • Blue: No, no, no need for name calling, candy pants.
  • Ms. Green: Candy... pants?!
  • Yellow: [laughs] Candy pants.
  • Orange: Uh, Guys?
  • Red: Amateurs! You're all amateurs!
  • Yellow: I was just doing what we practiced!
  • Blue: Eat me!
  • Orange: There was a practice?
  • Ms. Green: HELLO?!
  • Orange: I must've missed that!
  • Yellow: Amateurs???
  • Ms. Green: Do it by yourself then! I'm out of here!! [leaves thru her door]
  • Blue: OK, everybody back off! I want my agent on the phone. I want Marty... [trials off as he leaves thru his door]
  • Red: They try and They try, and they just don't listen!
  • Yellow: Why would they even do that?
  • Orange: Where are we? Hey, guys?
  • Red: [leaves thru his door] Where are the professionals?!
  • Orange: Guys?
  • [Yellow leaves thru Blue's door]
  • Orange: Hey, guys?
  • [The door slams]
  • Orange: This is awkward. [slides awkwardly thru his door]
  • [Yellow comes out from his door but stops, then looks at the audience.]
  • Yellow: Oops! Sorry, wrong room. [slams the door]

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M&M's - Colour Break-Up web footage (2009, Australia)
M&M's - Colour Break-Up web footage (2009, Australia)
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