M&M's Premiums - Almond is a commercial made for the short-lived M&M's Premiums, for 2008 with 3 commercials. In this ad, Ms. Green promotes the Almond flavor.


  • (Music starts playing, Ms. Green will show her in a bed with almonds, chocolate, and raspberries.)
  • Green: Mmm. Rasberry Almond M&M's Premiums. Rich premium chocolate, with luscious almonds and the sweet taste of raspberries.
  • (We see Ms. Green throwing the mix and it falls in the bed, and also features Green to eat the chocolate.
  • Green: It's your hearts desired in chocolate.
  • (Green holds the M&M's Premium)
  • Red: Cut, cut!
  • (Red, Yellow and Blue melt from their shells.)
  • Green: That's not supposed to happen.
  • Green: M&M's Premiums. In 5 fabulous flavors.


M&M's Premiums - Raspberry (2008, USA)

M&M's Premiums - Raspberry (2008, USA)

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