Register Red

  • Red: Oh yeah, you make the right decision and not register with Blue!

Register Yellow

  • Yellow: I'm lonely! (sobs) Do you want to register with me?

Register Ms. Green

  • Ms. Green: Oh come on, baby. Press my button.

Register Blue

  • Blue: Look, look, look. When it comes to registering with one of us, I know you make the right decision. I have faith. You will make the right decision. You look smart.

Register Orange

  • Orange: Just click on my button to register. There are a few forms for you to fill out before I can trust you.

The Argument

  • Yellow: You're a wranger, Red. Reddd! You're a wranger! Hah hah hah!
  • Red: Wranger? Yellow, don't even start... You nut!
  • Yellow: Say it to my face. What are you, yellow? Or... No, wait a minute, I'm Yellow. What?
  • Blue: You know what? You know what? Hey, hey! I miss hanging around you guys. You all used to make me look SO much more attractive.
  • Ms. Green: Whew! I am glad to be out of this boys club.
  • Blue: Aw yeah. You can talk. Why don't ya talk to my agent, Marty? Get Marty on the Phone, where the heck is Marty!?
  • Ms. Green: Tell it to the hand. 'Cause this piece a candy ain't listenin'!
  • Red: Hey! You guys are all past your "Used-by" dates!
  • Yellow: You're all nuts! And I don't mean the delicious peanut variety, either.
  • Ms. Green: Somewhere out there, an M&M's bag is missing four idiots!
  • Orange: La-la-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la I'm not listening!
  • Blue: You know what? I'm glad we've broken up. You guys were always just a little too sweet for me anyway. And you clash. Your colors clash.
  • Orange: Who has a color for a name, anyway? Seriously, you're all weird.
  • Red: They should've never let you guys off the production line!
  • Orange: Whew! I feel so much more comfortable on my own web page. I've never trusted you guys. That's why I put up an emotional firewall.

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M&M's - Colour Break-Up web footage (2009, Australia)

M&M's - Colour Break-Up web footage (2009, Australia)

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