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Quotation.svg The M&M's MINIs are in charge. The candy factory is going berserk. Chaos, colors and chocolate are everywhere. - Uh... y'think you could help? Quotation.svg
— The English back cover of M&M's Shell Shocked

M&M's: Shell Shocked is a 3D platformer game in the M&M's series developed by Boston Animation. It was released as an altered version of M&M's The Lost Formulas.

The game was released in America for the PlayStation on 30 September 2001, published by Simon & Schuster Interactive. The European release came out on 20 July 2002, published by JoWooD Productions.

In 2001, Simon & Schuster Interactive announced that they are developing a GameCube version with Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. The Nintendo GameCube version was released in North America and Japan in 2001, and 2002 in Europe and globally.


A 3D platformer game, players control Yellow M&M's in an effort to escape from their miniature counterparts (M&M minis), however red and green M&M's also make an appearance. On July 20, 2002 the game was released in Europe by JoWood Productions. This game is very similar to M&M's: The Lost Formulas except there is not a Math Zone and the name was changed. Fans of the M&M series were delighted when it was announced Billy West would be providing the voice of Red, he was quoted as saying 'I am so proud of providing the voice of such an iconic character, I phoned Micheal up as soon as I got the news and he was obviously delighted.'


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