"Memories" is a commercial from 1991, promoting M&M's 50th anniversary.


(4 M&M's watch a commercial from the 1950's)

Milk Chocolate Center: I'm a plain chocolate center!

Peanut: I'm a Southern-roasted peanut, roasted to a golden tan, and drenched in milk chocolate.

Both: Then we're both covered in thin candy shells, so there's no chocolate mess!

(The camera jump cuts back to the M&M's)

2-D version of Red: Play it again, Peanut!

2-D Peanut (Early version of Yellow): All right.

(We see the peanut jump into the chocolate pool again)

2-D Red: I can't believe how square you used to be.

Background Singers (To the tune of "Candyman"): Who can put a smile on faces big and small?

Milk Chocolate Center and Peanut: The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand!

Background Singers: M&M's can, so have a handful of smiles!


  • The voices and dialogue from the commercial isn't the same as the actual 1950's commercial
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