"Mock" Is an M&MS Commercial Featuring Red, Yellow, and Ms. Brown. This commercial was used to promote the "find an all brown bag" contest


Red: I'm Ms Brown. I'm so chocolatey. I'm giving away money so people will like me! (Red sees Ms. Brown Behind him, and nudges toward yellow) Is what he said, and i was like, "You watch your mouth she's my friend!"

Ms. Brown: Friend is a strong word.

Announcer: Chocolate just got more irresistible. Find the all brown bag and you could win.


  • This is The Second Commercial That Ms. Brown has appeared in
  • Red is making fun of Ms. Brown, and Yellow is laughing at him, hinting that they may not like her.
  • Despite Being in it, Yellow Has No lines in this commercial


M&M's - Mock (2012, USA)

M&M's - Mock (2012, USA)

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