Monkey See, Monkey Do is an M&Ms ad. In this one, Red and Yellow try to get The Minis into their tubes by jumping into a giant tube, but the minis throw them into a garbage truck.

Script Edit

Red: Listen, I figure if we go into this tube, the minis will go into their tubes. Monkey see, Monkey do!

(Red and Yellow get into the tube...)

Red: This is bad.

(...and are picked up by the minis in the shape of a gorilla)

Minis: Ooh Ooh, Ah Ah.

(The Minis throw Red and Yellow into a garbage truck, causing them to fall out...)

Yellow: Who would put the "M" in the garbage?

(...and trash to spill everywhere)

Minis: Do it! Do it!

(The minis pull a lever)

Red: Back in the tube.

Yellow: Why?

(Trash falls onto Red and Yellow)

Red: That's why.

Announcer: M&M's Minis, tons of chocolate candies searching for a mouth.


M&M's Minis - Monkey See? (2000, USA)

M&M's Minis - Monkey See? (2000, USA)

M&M's Minis Ad- Tube (2002)

M&M's Minis Ad- Tube (2002)

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