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Quotation.svg I melt for no one. Quotation.svg
— Ms. Green, M&M'S website[1]

Ms. Green is a spokescandy for multiple M&M's flavors. She is an anthropomorphic M&M created with natural beauty beyond description with a green complexion, as her name implies.

Ms. Green is an outward character, and always has something to say. Usually out to impress, she is highly self-aware, which keeps her looking the best she can. Never seen far from the boys, Ms. Green is slightly bothered by their lack of confidence. She often steals the spotlight due to their attentiveness.


Ms. Green is an anthropomorphic M&M with black eyes, black eyelashes, thin black eyebrows, milk chocolate filling, and peach skin.

For attire, she wears a green shell with glossed lips. She also wears white gloves with fabric cuffs and high heeled, white boots with a metallic M&M's logo strapped across.


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