Red and Yellow totally impressed Ms. Green! BY SHOWING THEM THEIR MUSCLES!!!


  • Dennis: So boys, I'd say if you wanna impress the ladies, just be your sweet selves.
  • Red: Oh, that's, uh, that's a pun, isn't it?
  • Ms. Green: Hey, guys. I didn't know you've worked out.
  • Red: Sure. 'Cause the "M" is for...
  • Red and Yellow: MACHO!
  • [straining]
  • [Ms. Green gasps]
  • Yellow: Check out my paranoids!
  • [Ms. Green laughing]
  • Red: [groans] Flesh some pecs!
  • Ms. Green: I don't know which one's the worst! Oh, thanks, guys, I needed that!
  • Dennis: Is that what you were going for?
  • Yellow: Hey, she laughed.
  • Dennis: Yeah, she did.
  • Ms. Green: Forget it. [laughs]

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M&M's - Muscles (1997, USA)

M&M's - Muscles (1997, USA)

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