"One Track Mind" is An M&Ms Commercial from Summer 2012 Featuring William Levy and Ms. Brown. It is apart of the "Not Your Average Chocolate" Series of Commercials.


William: Wow, You look Delicious Today. (To Ms. Brown)

Ms. Brown: Delicious? Honestly, Sometimes I Think you only like me because im an M&Ms.

William: That's not true. Baby, What matters to me most is what's on the inside.

Ms. Brown: I'm Pure Milk Chocolate on the inside.

William: And I Love That About you.

Ms. Brown: (sigh) and here i thought you loved me for my brain.

William: Is That Milk Chocolate Too?

Ms. Brown: Gosh You're Handsome.

Music Plays, the Screen Reads, "Not Your Average Chocolate" and the commercial is over.


  • This Commercial Features William Levy, Who is on a date (or possibly in a relationship) With Ms. Brown.
  • This Is The 3rd Commercial That Ms. Brown Has appeared in


M&M's - One Track Mind (2012, USA)

M&M's - One Track Mind (2012, USA)

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