Palms is a commercial where Halle Berry reads a palm on Orange hand.

Commercial First Aired: Unknown

Commercial Last Aired: Unknown


  • Halle Berry: So, you're that new crispy M&M's guy, huh?
  • Orange: Oh God, don't try to get me killed!
  • Halle: What do you mean?
  • Orange: Just look at this body; I'm chocolate and crispy, I just got this feeling and once word gets out, Wqhee!
  • Halle: You know, I read palms.
  • Orange: Really?
  • Halle: Gimme hand.
  • Orange: Do you see my lifeline?
  • Halle: Mm-hmm. It ends right here.
  • Orange: Wow, that's amazing with a glove and everything. I didn't you could make up. Oh... Could I have my hand back?
  • Halle: Not this time, little guy.
  • Orange: Alright, make it quick.


Crispy M&M's Commercial - Palm Reader (1999)

Crispy M&M's Commercial - Palm Reader (1999)

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