Pituitary is a commercial from 2002. It's a parody of Godzilla where a ginormous monster form of Yellow is looking for the bag of purple M&M's in Tokyo, after purple won the global color vote. Congratulations to those of you who voted Purple.

Transcript Edit

(People are screaming and running for their lives from Yellow looking around in Tokyo)

Woman: What is he doing?

Military Commander: He's looking for the bag of all purple M&M's.

Woman: Why purple?

Man: Because purple won the global color vote. If he finds the bag, he could win 100,000,000 yen.

Woman: That's over $700,000!

Military Commander: Yes. Roughly.

Military Soldier: Commence operation coco!

Video Edit

M&M's - Pituitary (2002, USA)-0

M&M's - Pituitary (2002, USA)-0

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