Red's Red Carpet Tips was a short event that happened through out a live episode of Ellen in 2005.


M&M's - Red's Red Carpet Tips (2005, USA)

M&M's - Red's Red Carpet Tips (2005, USA)

ANNOUNCER: Red's Red Carpet Tips!

(It cuts to Yellow standing. A few seconds later, Red comes in.)

RED: Arrive fashionably late.


RED: Know your poses.

YELLOW: Ready!

RED: The Shoot and Wink, The Kissy Face, The Over the Shoulder, The Slimmer.


RED: The Press Hog!

YELLOW: I'm stuck.

RED: The statue, The mannequin!


RED: Always be seen with an entourage. (whispers) Where's your entourage?

(He drops the M&Ms to the floor)

(Red points his finger to exit stage left.)

(Yellow walks away, the M&Ms follow them)


RED: Boost your confidence with a healthy tan. Ahem. With a healthy tan.

(Yellow walks covering his front)

RED:You knows what goes great with a tan?

YELLOW: Pants.

RED: Pants.


RED: There's NO such thing as too much collagen.

(Yellow walks up to Red with his swollen lips and stiffened face from too much collagen)

YELLOW: Uh, Red? I can't feel my face.

(Red pokes his finger on his lips, causing the lips to deflate while flying around, knocking Red over. Yellow's lips lands on the camera, and then slides down with saliva on the screen)


RED: Show up in something wild.

(Yellow shows up in a 'ensemble,' which is a goose hot glued to him.)

RED: Oh that is SO four yers ago.

(The goose pecks Red and both run)

YELLOW: (gasps) Bad duck!

RED: AAAHHH! (goose still attacking Red) OW!!

YELLOW: (Get's pushed by the goose) WHOA! BAD DUCK!



(Red and Yellow scream..)

(They both hit the camera causing the camera to static.)

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