Red's Red Carpet Tips was a short event that happened through out a live episode of Ellen in 2005.


M&M's - Red's Red Carpet Tips (2005, USA)-0

M&M's - Red's Red Carpet Tips (2005, USA)-0

ANNOUNCER: Red's Red Carpet Tips!

(It cuts to Yellow standing. A few seconds later, Red comes in.)

RED: Arrive fashionably late.


RED: Know your poses.

YELLOW: Ready!

RED: The Shoot and Wink, The Kissy Face, The Over the Shoulder, The Slimmer.


RED: The Press Hog!

YELLOW: I'm stuck.

RED: The statue, The mannequin!


RED: Always be seen with an entourage. (whispers) Where's your entourage?

(He drops the M&Ms to the floor)

(Red points his finger to exit stage left.)

(Yellow walks away, the M&Ms follow them)


RED: Boost your confidence with a healthy tan. Ahem. With a healthy tan.

(Yellow walks covering his front)

RED:You knows what goes great with a tan?

YELLOW: Pants.

RED: Pants.


RED: There's NO such thing as too much collegian!

YELLOW: (With his face stiffened from too much collegian) Uh, Red? I can't feel my face. (Red pops his lips, Yellow's lips lands on the camera, and then slides down with saliva on the screen)


RED: Show up in something wild.

(Yellow shows up in a 'ensemble,' which is a goose hot glued to him.)

RED: Oh that is SO four yers ago.

(The goose pecks Red and both run)

YELLOW: (gasps) Bad duck!

RED: AAAHHH! (goose still attacking Red) OW!!

YELLOW: (Get's pushed by the goose) WHOA! BAD DUCK!



(Red and Yellow scream..)

(They both hit the camera causing the camera to static.)


$ 1

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