Rhymes is an M&M'S Commercial Featuring Megan Muhally singing about each of the M&Ms Characters (Except Ms Brown, as she wasn't around during the time of the commercial). As you Can tell by the title, Each Character verse of the song being sung rhymes.

Note: In the Script Below, MM Stand For Megan Muhally

Commercial First Aired: September 27, 2004

Commercial Last Aired: April 30, 2006


(Red Dancing With MM)

MM: Red you go to my head!

(Yellow and MM Sitting in a pile of flowers)

MM: Yellow so sunny and mellow!

(Green and MM sitting together on a couch)

MM: Green, you chocolate beauty queen!

(Blue Playing the piano while MM sits on top of it)

MM: Blue, I'm wild about you!

(MM walking towards Orange, who is sitting on a sofa)

MM: Orange! you're so...wait, nothing rhymes with Orange...

Orange: I still get paid, right?

MM: Chocolate is better in color!


  • Orange is the only M&M to have a line in this commercial
  • There is a shorter version of this commercial, with different rhymes. you can find the shorter version of the commercial below to the right
  • Each of the M&Ms have genres:

For Red: Samba.

For Yellow: Pop.

For Green: Rock.

For Blue: Smooth Jazz.

For Orange: Classical.


M&M's - Rhymes (2004, USA)

M&M's - Rhymes (2004, USA)

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