Run is the commercial where Red and Yellow make their first CGI appearance.

Commercial first aired: June 19, 1995

Commercial last aired: December 31, 1999


Steven: Wow, look who we have here.

Red: Just your friendly neighborhood M&M's. St down.

Steven: The same M&M's that come in a bag?

Yellow: Same ones.

Red: Only BIGGER.

Steven: With a colorful shell, just like this?

Red: The actor's catching on.

Steven: Rich milk chocolate on the inside?

Red: Yes!

Steven: Oh, then I'm really glad you came by.

Yellow: Why's that?

Steven: 'Cause I'm all out. Which one of you is peanut?

Red: Uh, he is. I hear he's delicious. So long buddy!

(Text: The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.)


M&M's With Jon Lovitz 1996

M&M's With Jon Lovitz 1996

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