Red sets up six snacks for a movie audition; three for winners and three for losers.



Red: Okay, We're looking for the next big action star.

Action FilmEdit


Red: Show me how tough you can be! (Jello wiggles) Next!


Red: Lemme see those muscles! (The pretzel shows the muscles) Impressive, but how flexible an actor are you really? (the pretzel shows how more flexible it is) Whooah! Now THAT's what I'd call a performance!



Red: And you really can't do any other accent - just Mexican?? (The Nacho plays a maraca.) (sighs) We'll call you.


Red: We're looking for a real funny guy here so you gotta crack me up!/make me laugh! (the cracker shakes, then cracks) OK OK, stop! I've seen enough.



Red: I want/I'm looking for a drama queen! Gimme happy! (...) Now scared! (...) Excited! (...) Ya know, you really gotta get outta your shell. (peanut cracks open) Next!

Popcorn KernelEdit

Red: I want a drama queen/Hmm, I like your look, but can you take the heat?! (the kernel transforms into a popcorn) Whooaa baby, I'm gonna make you a star!

Ending 1Edit

Voice: Screen time is more fun when you mix and match M&M's with your favorite snacks. Visit us now.

Ending 2Edit

Voice: For more M&M's screen time fun, visit us now.


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