Red and Yellow were running late to capture the Minis again.


  • [Minis are running amok all over the city]
  • Red: [picks up a ringing phone beside him] Yeah?
  • Man: Red. Yellow. Get the M&M's minis BACK IN THE TUBES...!!!
  • Red: We'll be right there! Get the cape.
  • [Yellow rushed into the house to grab there capes and masks, and tubes, they later stop at a buss stop.]
  • Voice: M&M's minis!
  • Mini M&M's: Hey!
  • Voice: Tons of chocolate candies searching for a mouth.
  • Yellow: Whoosh!
  • Red: We don't fly.
  • [A city Bus stops]
  • Bus Driver: Sorry, no food on the bus.
  • Red: But we're in a hurry!

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M&M's Minis - Superheroes (1999, USA)

M&M's Minis - Superheroes (1999, USA)

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