In this commerical, Patrick Warburton walks in on the M&M's spokescandies eating the M&M's candies at a news stand and is "disturbed" by it.


  • (Patrick walks into the news stand and buys a pack of M&M's. He looks down and sees RedYellow, and Orange eating Milk Chocolate, Peanut, and Crispy M&M's (respectively).
  • Patrick: What are you doing?
  • Red: What?
  • Patrick: You're eating M&M's.
  • Red: Yeah, so are you.
  • Patrick: I'm not an M&M.
  • (Red puts M&M's in his mouth and looks at Patrick with a smerk and shifty eyes while doing it.)
  • Patrick: You don't eat your own kind. It's unnatural (Patrick puts a blue M&M in his mouth.)
  • (Red, Yellow, and Orange stop eating and look at the bags and, then, each other. They then switch bags.)
  • Red: Here, gimme that.
  • Orange: Mmm.
  • Yellow: Ooh, I want Crispy!
  • (The M&M's spokescandies continue eating).
  • Patrick: Gimme the bags.
  • (Red, Yellow, and Orange frown and give Patrick the bags).
  • Patrick: (Patrick walks out the door with the bags). Ugh, it's just disturbing.
  • (The video then shows the Crispy, Peanut, and Plain M&M's on the screen with the website like


M&M's - Switch (2000, USA)

M&M's - Switch (2000, USA)

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