After getting their color back, Red and Yellow couldn't think what Donald Trump would do if He and yellow hadn't gotten their color back.


  • Yellow: You know, we really do look better in color.
  • Red: Hoo-hoo. If we hadn't gotten our color back, Trump would've, eh... Uh what's that thing Trump is always saying?
  • Yellow: "Sayonara"?
  • Red: No, he says it all the time.
  • Yellow: "Adios"?
  • Red: No.
  • Yellow: "You're fried"?
  • (Text: The Apprentice will be right back.)
  • Red: Close!
  • Yellow: "Take a hike"?
  • Red: No, those words you hate to hear.
  • Yellow: "It's not you, it's me"?
  • Red: [scoffs]

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M&M's - NBC Donald Trump 2004, USA

M&M's - NBC Donald Trump 2004, USA

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