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Im yellow
"Inside everyone there's a little nut."




Pretty ladies and fluffy things

Voice actor:

Mel Blanc (1964-1989)
Scott Menville (1990-1994)
John Goodman (1995-1996, originally)
J. K. Simmons (1996-present)


Unknown, but he's in touch with his inner child.


Around average...for a peanut with milk chocolate padding.


Peanut-filled M&M

Moral Compass:

Lawful Good

Yellow is one of the original 2 M&Ms spokescandies, along with Red. He has appeared in almost every M&Ms commercial ever.


Yellow's history dates back to the 1940s, before voting. When he and Red were first created, they were people with M&Ms for heads. In the 1950s, Red and Yellow became the anthropomorphic M&Ms we all know and love. In 1995, Red and yellow became CGI.

Bags Yellow Appears On

Yellow appeared on many M&Ms bags. These include Almond M&Ms, Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms, Peanut Butter, and of course, Peanut M&Ms. He also appears on the bag of M&M's Minis, Honey Nut M&M's, Coffee Nut M&M's, and Chili Nut M&M's.

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